3 year old kinder news

Outdoor kinder program

With all the discussion this week in the news and the media, on the importance of education and care for children who are 3 years of age. It is appropriate that this be our area of discussion within our community.

It’s good to see the Government keeping up with Child’s Play Torquay’s practices!   We already run a 3 year old kinder program with a fully qualified Kinder teacher!!

Anthea our amazing 3 year old Kinder teacher runs this room to include all sorts of age appropriate and exciting activities

Child’s Play offers children who would meet the criteria for kinder the following:

  • Children can attend the program on any day of the week that the family requires care.
  • Families can choose a session time to meet their lifestyle requirements!  We have both a 6 hour and 12 hour session running in this room
  • The room is specifically set up and designed for children who are aged between 3 yrs and 4 yrs of age. So that the program and the development milestones can be supported and targeted.
  • Children can participate in indoor and outdoor play during the day.
  • The program is run by a kindergarten teacher and has a full-time educator in the room to support the teaching.