A major cause of concern for many parents when leaving their child in the care of a childcare provider is the safety of their kids.  Naturally parents want their kids to be in a safe, fun and contented environment at any given time.

As your child develops, life becomes one big adventure for them as they become more active, independent and keen to discover the world around them.  While this is an exciting time in the life of a child, it can also pose dangers and risks, and a few heart-stopping moments for parents.

Kids are quite the little explorers so with a little planning and foresight, as a parent you can, in partnership with your childcare centre, ensure potential risks to your child are minimised in both their home and childcare centre surroundings.

The responsibility rests on the shoulders of all adults involved in caring for a child to keep them safe and healthy whilst also giving the child enough freedom to discover things for themselves.

At Child’s Play ELC we believe that providing both a safe and nurturing environment and teaching children about safety is very important.

Risk, dangers and kids

As Younger children are developing their “risk” perception and therefore their ability to understand what a dangerous or unsafe situation might be, adult supervision is key.

While “risk-taking” may initially seem a potentially harmful idea, not all risks are bad for children, and are considered an essential ‘growing up’ learning tool by childcare experts.   A child’s “risk” perception needs to be continually trained and developed through a variety of experiences, like playing outdoors.

Recent research shows that when children take risks, they learn to test their boundaries, understand their physical capabilities and develop their ability to be self-sufficient.  Safe risk-taking experiences helps your kids learn more about themselves and to develop their emotional coping strategies.

As every child will determine risks differently, it is important to guide your kids in safe and age-relevant ways to take risks.  This is preferable to things happening by chance or letting other kids influence in non-positive ways.

Teaching children about safety

Children should be taught about safety from an early age, and most children from two years onwards begin to follow safety guidelines and rules however you shouldn’t expect your child to act in a safe and risk-free manner every time.

Help teach your child about safety using these tried and true methods.

  • Use fun, interactive and practical activities. Through participation children learn to be aware of potentially dangerous things and hazards to avoid; and gain a healthy respect for safety precautions.
  • Demonstrate safe behaviours as most children will copy your actions in preference to what you tell them verbally.
  • Repeat safety rules often and be consistent. Explain to your children what you are doing and why you are doing it by using language they can understand and comprehend.
  • Encourage safe play and teach kids how to avoid many injuries such as those resulting from unexpected falls at the playground for example.
  • Manage the risk environment of your child but try not control it. This helps your kids explore freely and to practice their personal safety skills with the added benefit of developing their confidence and competence in their abilities.

Safety at Child’s Play ELC

The Child’s Play ELC team are passionate about providing your child with a fun, safe learning environment to develop and grow.

Teaching your child about safety is an important element of our programs and we actively encourage children in our care to try new things, explore, and discover for themselves, safely.

We are pleased to be setting benchmarks at both our Tarneit and Torquay centres in all areas of early child education and childcare safety standards.

Torquay currently holds an overall rating of “Meeting” all national quality standards”, with Tarneit holding an “Exceeding” all seven quality areas in the NQS (National Quality Standard) of ACEQUA (Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority).  This is a significant achievement as only eight other childcare services in Victoria currently have this rating

If you would like to know about our approach to safety here at Child’s Play ELC, our team would love to speak with you.