Child’s Play YouTube channel

This week Child’s Play ELC  made history with our first ever YouTube clip of our beautiful centre.

This provides you our community with the opportunity to have a look at our service form the inside.

The clip also introduces the owners of Child’s Play, they are Ian and Sam Johnson.

Within the collection of the current clips that have recently been released is information regarding the following topics:

  • The standard of care you can expect
  • How we value you the family
  • Being family owned is one of the significant factors that separates our service from another service
  • Child’s Play is inclusive of all children and families within our community
  • We base all of our education and teaching programs around the importance of listening to the Child’s Voice and incorporating the child’s interests and questions into their learning.
  • All play experiences are set up and designed for your child’s developmental milestones.
  • Child’s Play supports indoor & outdoor play in all of the children’s rooms

Take some time to go on and have a look, l am attaching the link so that you can see the quality of the education and care that Child’s Play offers:

See it here!