Benefits of half-day childcare sessions

As parents, flexibility becomes your middle name. Running a super tight ship is next to impossible when there’s children involved because there are so many variables on any given day that sometimes you just need more options, more understanding, and more flexibility.

Parents need to be flexible, and childcare centres are no different. This is the major benefit of the half-day childcare sessions available to our Torquay families that provide an alternative to the typical 8-10-hour sessions at a reduced cost.

The session times – between 8.30am and 2.30pm – are conveniently wrapped around the day to synchronise both school drop-offs of older kids and your younger kids at the centre, freeing up your day to get on with the tasks that are much easier without the kids.

Half-day sessions are subject to availability and circumstances, and may not be available on a permanent basis, so if you have that deadline at work you need to meet or something unexpected pop up, you can call the centre to check if you can pick up half-day sessions casually.

So, why the half-day?

They work around busy schedules

A lot of parents returning to work do so in a reduced capacity, whether that be shorter working weeks, shorter days, or shift work. Often, parents are also busy trying to work around the schedules of their other child/children with school pickup and drop-offs and it becomes impossible to synchronise schedules. Parents also need workarounds and flexibility for appointments, meetings, and other errands where childcare is needed, but a full day is overkill.

Half-day sessions are a fantastic way to get the childcare you need with the centre helping to work around your schedule instead of the other way around. They can slot into a school day nicely and can be convenient for families that have siblings in a school close by.

They’re an affordable alternative to full days

The cost of childcare can be a big factor in a parent’s decision on how many days and hours their child attends a centre.

A lot of centres have full-fee policies where you’re charged the same full-day rate regardless of how many hours of care your child needs. We recognise that all families are different, with varying needs, schedules and circumstances.

Half-day sessions provide a much-needed ‘option B’ by giving families the same access to quality care at a reduced rate for reduced hours so children can also benefit from the routine and schedule, and some of the great centre activities.

They’re a great steppingstone for new children

We know how daunting it can be to parents who are transitioning their child into daycare. 8-10+ hours is a long time to be away from your children, and not all parents and children are ready for that kind of plunge.

Half-day sessions are a great steppingstone for children to transition into childcare with a smaller amount of exposure in the beginning to ultimately work their way up to full days. Children are still able to get quality socialisation and build meaningful relationships with their educators without diving into the deep end and committing to long days initially.

So, there you have it

We understand that every family has their own individual and unique needs. By providing the option of a half-day session to families connected to our Torquay centre, we are aiming to provide the much-needed flexibility and care required by parents with complex schedules.

If you think your family would benefit from our half-day childcare sessions, get in touch with us to find out how to get started.