Best practice is a big idea when it comes to care for your child. Best practice –a term which essentially means providing the best for your child at every opportunity, also means there are lots of occasions in which you can attempt to meet this big idea. At Child’s Play we hope to continue striving for best practice, it’s not something you can achieve because you should always be striving to do more.

One of our main focuses is consistency. We are looking at how best to ensure your children have the same educators in their room each day. We feel that is extremely important to both you and your child for a few different reasons. It is important in ensuring educators know your child fully; know your child’s routine, your child’s medical history or allergies, and knowing your child’s likes and dislikes. It’s important in helping a child to begin in care – through seeing the same faces and beginning to build strong relationships. It’s important to you as parents so you can get to know the educators who will be looking after your child, and building trust and confidence in their ability to look after your little one. When considering consistency in educators, it is also important to consider their shifts and how illness may affect this. The rostering of all shifts is also completed for a month at a time to ensure that for an entire month your child will know who will be there to greet them in the mornings and who will be there to play with until they are picked up. Where illness is concerned, we look for the most effective ways to ensure the same faces are in each room, even shuffling shifts to ensure permanent educators are in on the earliest and latest shifts.

Incursions are a big part of the program we offer right from our youngest children through to kindergarten. We feel it is important to provide children with a variety of different opportunities for learning. These different programs focus on different developmental areas and child interests, from musical exploration to physical development and even the opportunity to further language development through learning some of the Chinese language. As children become older and more independent, we also look to excursions for even further opportunities for learning. Exploring what children can investigate and learn in different environments and how we can bring these aspects into our day to day learning.

Best practice also means striving for more than the basic legal requirements. Looking at qualifications, programming, ratio and first aid requirements. In ensuring the best program for you child educators are provided with much more programming time than the legal requirements, this is to ensure ample time to create the best learning environments, time to explore different developmental areas and communicate all this with you through observations and developmental summaries. First aid and qualification requirements being exceeded also means there is less concern about different scenarios arising, and ensuring everyone feels qualified in dealing with them. Ratio is similarly the most basic level, but wherever possible having additional educators means safer environments, and means more meaningful interactions are possible with more of the children.

Best practice is something worth striving for in the interest of your children, something that we are striving to reach.