Enrolling into Childcare: When to enrol and what to expect

Kindergarten Torguay

It’s almost the new year, and with that you might be thinking about childcare or kinder. There can be a number of reasons you are thinking about enrolling your child into childcare. You might be going back to work, or you need to enrol into childcare or 4-year-old kindergarten.  So here’s why all day childcare or kindergarten at Child’s Play ELC is a  great idea for your family and what to expect.

Why childcare is a good idea

Sending your child to childcare can seem daunting, but there are enormous benefits to sending them. One of them is Child’s Play can help your child reach developmental milestones more easily, in an educational setting. We can help children learn how to follow simple instructions, toilet train and develop and enhance their language skills. It’s also great because kids like to socialise and make friends. Childcare allows your child to make friends and become more independent while also participating in play.

Childcare introduces kids to others their own age and encourages socialisation. Being exposed to people the same size and age as them helps kids, become more independent and promotes healthy wellbeing. Having friends also helps kids transition into new stages of their life, such as school and kindergarten. Finally, childcare is a good idea because kids value routine. A routine makes it easier to settle a child, get ready and provides structure to their day. At Child’s Play ELC, we can provide a fun and educational routine that meets your child’s needs.

Why Child’s Play ELC

Child’s Play ELC is a family-run childcare centre that values unstructured play with indoor and outdoor spaces. Our centres have been recognised for providing quality education in a fun and safe environment. Open and unstructured play allows for your child to drive their own learning by their interests and participate in all types of activities. This type of play creates an environment for your children to develop social skills, make decisions and be creative.

Child’s Play ELC has developed a strong reputation because we value and encourage community involvement. Being family-run, we think it is important that children get to experience and create an understanding of the community they live in which is why we plan activities and incursions that involve members of the community and getting out and about.

When to enrol in childcare

The best time to enrol your child depends on your situation, we are a service ready for you to use when it is appropriate to do so, for example, some people will need childcare from 6 weeks old.

If you are planning to head back to work, make sure to plan childcare in advance so you are able to have a tour of the centre and attend orientation sessions. Ensure that you have a choice of childcare and are not just settling for what is available at the time. It may also be beneficial to send your child to Child’s Play a week or two before going back to work so they are completely settled by the time you start, so you can build trust and begin to form relationships with the staff.  You could also choose to do shorter days at this point to help your child to settle without time pressures.

Child’s Play ELC is open for enrolments all year round. We provide all-year enrolment to help personalise and tailor the transition into childcare and ensure you and your child are comfortable at Child’s Play.

What you need to enrol in childcare

To enrol there are a number of things you need to prepare for so we have created a checklist for you to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

  1. Fill out an enquiry form and check availability
  2. Consider the days and times you would like to be booked in for childcare
  3. Apply for the childcare subsidy
  4. Fill out an enrolment form for everyone permitted to pick up your child; Provide up to date immunisation information and information about any dietary requirements.
  5. Book in at least two orientation sessions at similar times to when you and your child would like to book in for childcare.
  6. Then once everyone feels comfortable we can start your booking and the child can commence care.

At Child’s Play, we are a community-oriented childcare and like to get to know the families that are interested in attending Child’s Play which is why we also often ask questions about

  • Your family set up
  • Things you and your child like to do together
  • And your child’s hobbies and interests.

Asking these questions allows us to create an environment that you and your family feel comfortable in and provide your child with enriching experiences that they will still find fun.

Fill out our Enrolment Form

If you are considering Child’s Play as your childcare centre or kindergarten please fill out our enrollment form here and then one of our educators will call to confirm your enquiry and set up some orientation sessions if there is room available.