Food Allergies & Intolerance

On Wednesday, our Chef Laura attended Food Allergen Awareness Training which was organised by Surf Coast Shire Health department.

During the session Laura, was able to update her working knowledge of the following:

  • The difference between an allergy and an intolerance (which is becoming easier to identify)
  • Studies now say there are more causes for allergies than ever before
  • That the fastest growing allergy or intolerance is Lupin (which is grain)
  • 190 main allergens have been identified
  • Milk and Eggs are the most common allergens for children under school age. A majority of these cases will not exist by the time the child goes to primary school with the exception of severe allergies.
  • One of the biggest concerns in managing allergies or intolerance is labelling.
  • There have recently been some new regulations in regards to packaging.
  • Understanding the importance of having clearly defined preparation spaces for food which is prepared for children who have allergies or intolerance. For example: 3 parts per million in gluten can cause an intolerance. So if bread flour is on a bench top and is exposed to food for a child that has a gluten allergy this could lead to an extreme allergic reaction.


Laura, wanted to share this information with families particularly if you are considering enrolling your child into care and you are concerned about someone understanding your child’s allergy or intolerance.

If you would like to discuss your child individual situation both Laura and myself would be available at a time that suits your family.