How parents can extend on their child’s development?

In a long day care and kindergarten setting early childhood teachers and educators alike are programming and teaching based on the National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework. These frameworks are readily available on the internet and communicate the aspects and expectations educators observe during a child’s learning journey.

Whilst your child is enrolled in a care setting, the programming which each educator participates in and which explains each activity and experience your child is taking part in each day should be accessible printed somewhere for easy reading, or available to you on a phone application. This is an important piece of information in order for you to extend on what your child is learning about whilst in care. This program will explain why each experience has been chosen and what the educators are focusing on with your child through each of these activities. In order to fully understand what each program means; it may be worthwhile speaking with an educator in your child’s room. From these activities, you will know what you too can focus on at home, and even speak with the educators about potential ways for you to further this education.

Another great resource to explore may be observations which educators are completing about your child. These will explore developmentally what your child is achieving and may even have suggestions of activities to further what they’ve been focusing on. A great resource which families have access to is the phone app; Pinterest.

Pinterest enables people to share their ideas, recipes, activities for their children, etc. Through typing in a simple phrase like “DIY activity 2-year-old” you will find a myriad of activities that childcare educators and parents alike have created for their little ones, which you too may be able to easily create in your home.

It’s also a great idea to understand what your child is achieving developmentally and what they may be yet to achieve. This can be done by accessing the developmental milestone for your child’s age group.

In early education settings, we use these to guide us with children’s development in order to ensure that each child is able to gain the skills, knowledge, and understanding of concepts and activities in which educators set up for children that are developmentally appropriate. It’s no use setting up an activity aimed at children 5 years + if he or she is yet to achieve many of the 2-year-old milestones.

Another great way to extend your child’s learning is to take them to experience a variety of different things. This may be as simple as taking them on trains or a bike ride to explore new ideas and new places, or something different in a local landmark. Actually observing and experiencing different situations first hand teaches a child so much and is so relatable for them. This is something which only families are able to provide for their children and it is so important to their development.