How we celebrate and promote Diversity in Child’s Play ELC

What makes every child at Child’s Play special is how unique they are. Underpinning our philosophy that Every Child Matters is a respect for, and an acknowledgement of, our diverse community. We believe that embracing and celebrating our differences is such an important part of the development of children’s social and emotional well-being. That’s why our curriculum is designed to reflect and value all the different values and beliefs of our families and educators. In this article, we’ll look at all the ways we encourage and celebrate how unique we all are!  

Demonstrating diversity 

Diversity in early learning enriches our community, providing children with opportunities to learn about the world around them, appreciate their differences, and develop a sense of belonging and respect for other people. At Child’s Play, we believe that acknowledging and instilling respect for diversity starts with us.

Our inclusive approach ensures that each child, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnic or social background, is supported and encouraged to learn at their own pace and in their own way. 

“Child’s Play is a multicultural centre and every room in the centre makes a great effort in celebrating all cultures and events respectfully and enjoyably.” Dyana Kourani, Child’s Play Educator.

Multicultural activities 

At Child’s Play ELC, we celebrate cultural diversity through various activities and events. These include cultural festivals, storytelling sessions, and cooking activities that introduce children to different cuisines. For example, during Chinese New Year, children participate in dragon dances, make traditional crafts, and taste Chinese food. Such activities not only educate children about different cultures but also foster a sense of respect and appreciation for diversity.

“We promote inclusivity by ensuring all children participate in activities regardless of background or abilities, while also respecting parents’ religious views and choices for their child’s participation.” – Farzana Shorna, Child’s Play Educator. 

Respect for individuals and their unique differences also plays a large role in the way we educate children. We understand that each child learns differently, and our educators are trained to identify and cater to these diverse learning styles. This personalised approach not only fosters a love for learning but also helps children develop confidence and self-esteem at their own pace. 

Encouraging Diversity Through Play

It was important for us that our learning environment was equipped with things that reflected the diversity of our community. From a range of multicultural toys, books and even dolls with different skintones, approaching diversity in early learning with this mindset meant that kids could explore and understand different cultures and perspectives while playing!  

“We incorporate books, songs, and activities that represent various cultures, languages, and traditions into our curriculum. We also encourage children to share stories and items from their own backgrounds during ‘Show and Tell’ sessions. We also foster an environment of respect and curiosity by teaching them how to greet in different languages and by celebrating various events to bring awareness.” – Jatinder Kaur, Child’s Play Educator.

Engaging with families and our community

We believe that strong partnerships with each family are important for promoting diversity and inclusion. We regularly communicate with families and incorporate their input into our activities. This helps us make sure that our curriculum reflects the values and practices of our community and provides a supportive environment for all children.

“We’ve implemented intentional teaching to the Indian and Arabic cultures by providing outfits, demonstrating memorable symbols and buildings for both cultures and creating flags for those countries. Rich and significant discussions took place between children and their teacher regarding food, language and traditions.” Dyana Kourani, Child’s Play Educator.

Incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditions

It’s also important to us that we acknowledge and value the traditions of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members. Our curriculum includes stories, songs, and art activities that reflect their rich cultural heritage. We also observe significant events, where children learn about the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. By incorporating these traditions into our practices, we help children develop a deeper understanding and respect for the First Nations peoples of Australia.

Diversity pioneers 

As you can see, celebrating and promoting diversity is such an important part of our philosophy and practice here at Child’s Play Early Learning Centres. “By providing a safe and welcoming environment for every family, learning about and celebrating all cultural celebrations, getting families involved with teaching words from their language to help us communicate – our goal is to create an inclusive environment where every child feels valued, respected, and supported.”- Sammi Piccolo, Child’s Play Educator,

If you’d like to see just how important diversity in early learning is to us, come and experience our program for yourself at your nearest Child’s Play centre. Get in touch with us today – we can’t wait to meet you!