Things to pack your child for daycare

Amongst the nappy changes, breakfasts, dressing, and all the other things that go along with getting your child ready for daycare, it’s easy to forget to pack something (or several things!) to get them through the day.

Depending on what developmental stage your child is in, the list of things you should pack for them will chop and change with the seasons.

We’ve put together a handy list of the main items that you should pack to cover all bases.

Spare clothes (not their Sunday best)

At any age, children love to get messy during activities like eating or playing outside meaning there is potential for clothes to get stained and worn down. We recommend that you pack everyday activity clothes instead of outfits you don’t want damaged.

Children can also have little accidents such as leaking through nappies or during the toilet training stage, so it’s important that they have at least two backup outfits and lots of spare underwear to keep them dry and comfortable throughout the day.

For winter: hats or beanies, a warm jacket, enclosed footwear, and a pair of gloves will make sure your child is rugged up and can still play outside during the chilly seasons.

For summer: lighter clothing that is suitable for your child to play and do activities in safely. A sun hat, sandals (thongs aren’t recommended) and swimwear for water play during summer should see your child through the sunny days.


If your child is on formula or being breastfed, you’ll need to send them with a good supply of sterilised bottles with pre-boiled water for formula, or with the amount of breast milk they’ll need for the day. This ensures that your child has the bottle they’re familiar and comfortable with. It’s also great idea to portion out formula so it’s easy for educators to make the bottle up for your baby.

If your child is past the bottle-feeding stage, you should pack a water bottle to make sure they keep hydrated, especially during the warmer months.

Soothing toys for sleeping

Sleeping in different environments can sometimes be a big adjustment for your child, so it’s important to pack any comfort toys to tuck in with them and put them at ease.

We don’t recommend you bring any toys from home for playing in case they get lost or damaged.


Your child’s health and happiness is at the forefront of what educators do, so if your child is on any medications, it’s essential that you pack them and inform educators so they can be documented.


You’ll need something to pack all those essentials into! A backpack with a few different compartments for safe storage will make sure your child has everything they need in one handy bag.

A few helpful tips

Label everything! Daycare has a lot of little ones with a lot of items to keep track of, so it’s important that educators know which belongings are for which children.

Keep a checklist in a convenient place that reminds you of exactly what your child needs packed each day.

Pack what you can the night before. Mornings can be a mad rush of a thousand tasks that need doing, and things can often get forgotten. Packing what you can the night before will free up some time to get everything else done before you drop your child off for the day.