Torquay introduce new Child’s Play App

Introduction of Kindy Hub to the centre

Child’s Play ELC Torquay is transitioning to using Kindyhub as a communication tool with families.

Some of the key points are:

  • Families will be able to log on and see routine information such as sleep, nappy change, sunscreen and eating information.
  • Each day families can learn and read about the teaching program within their child’s room. This is via the daily reflection which includes group information and photos.
  • It also provides families with the opportunity to have active input into the teaching program by sending us photo’s, stories and feedback via the app.

Some points to remember:

As part of your enrolment process, families will be asked to complete a permission form which grants permission for your information within a group setting with other families in your children’s choose room. Unfortuantely, your child and family cannot be included until this permission has been granted. Please note that this is different permission form the requests on the enrolment form.

This new process will help our centre be less reliant upon using paper. It will help you our families have easier access to information and at a time that suits you rather than at busy drop off times when maybe you need to get home or to the shops or an appointment.

We do ask that you send any information about your child’s health, wealth being, holidays or absences to the office.

Child’s Play is looking forward to having a more interactive communication process with our families.

So take some time, go on line and have a look at this new initative we are using and lets us know what you think.


Julie Whitehead

Centre Manager

Child’s Play ELC Torquay