Torquay – New enrolments

Child’s Play ELC Torquay- 25thMay 2018


This week at Child’s Play we have had many families contact us and ask about starting care or because of unexpected family situations that care is now a something to be considered.

As a parent, it can be daunting to be brave enough to call a centre and ask about care, ask what you offer, ask about how and will you look after my precious child.

As a family owned service, we understand and appreciate that this is both a nervous and exciting opportunity and experience for your child and yourself.  How do we aim to make this transition and first communication easier, by taking the time to listen, to understand and appreciate the information and questions that you are asking. Some families are wanting to talk about how this would be their first time in care and are very unsure of what to ask, what to expect or how the process works and what does care involve. These are not silly questions these are important questions for families to ask. Or maybe your situation is that you are needing a different type of care than you current are using and you have more specific type questions. In either case, please know that you are honestly being listened to and we want nothing more than to help your family.

During the initial phone conversation, you would also be invited to come and have a tour of the service and see the play spaces and gardens that are available at Child’s Play ELC. We offer one on one tour to families so that we can answer any questions and get a better understanding of your family situation and learn how we can best support your child’s transition into care.

I would like to thank the new families for their feedback this week and to quote a family who visited our centre for the first time on Tuesday of this week.

”Hello beautiful Julie and team, thank you again for allowing my child and l come to come and visit your centre. We are very excited to join your family.

To Ian the owner of Child’s Play “what an amazing facility you have, well done

and thank you”


At Child’s Play part of our philosophy is that we create and support the connection between home and care. This is our goal, this is our passion this is who we are, we are a family. There is a reason when you enrol l say “welcome to the family”.

I have attached a photo of a child at our service, who l have watched grow and flourish. Once a upon a time not so long ago they carried their child in and now we feel belonged. The child confidently walk themselves into care walk alongside their family and showing their family the way.


Julie Whitehead

Assistant Manager