Urban Upcycle

Urban Upcycle incursion

On Wednesday 6/6/18 we had Nicole from Urban Upcycle come out to our Kinder Room.

The children sat down on the mat and Nicole spoke to them about the various bins they have at home and what they might put in them. Also, what colours the different bins were at home.  Nicole spoke about lots of junk you can find around the home.

The children got to pick a spot at the table to sit at to work on their creations. Variety of materials were provided in big black creates for the children to pick from. One tub held a variety of old CDs and DVDs one child got memorized looking at all the different pictures on the CDs. Sorting out what movies he had and hadn’t seen.

Some of the children’s creations are listed below

Blade is making a bull
Klaudia a robot
Alexis a mummy

Miah a Monster
Ahlexie a mermaid
Bailey a robot
Ethan a dinosaur

The children really concentrated working on their creations. All the children were able to make a finished product. Educators and Nicole helped the children with the tricky parts i.e. using the hot glue gun.