high quality care

Our Vision & Values

EVERY CHILD MATTERS!!!: we support, educate and facilitate high quality care in all environments, for each and every child without prejudice.

We aim to provide high level and quality care to all families which embraces diversity and supports individual needs.

Our Vision

We want to continue to fulfil our mission statement and philosophy of “EVERY CHILD MATTERS!!!”

We will continue to grow by critically reflecting our practices and processes to ensure this enables our family to grow and develop. We will continue to evolve and learn best practice by working together collaboratively with respect and embracing new ideas, initiatives and suggestions from professionals and our family.

To provide families with an inclusive and engaging environment where educators work cohesively to provide children with the best resources, experiences and quality of care. We aim to support each Childs’ individual development and provide them with the tools to become kind, compassionate, resilient members of society.

Our Values

We make every effort to model our behaviours on the Child’s Play values:


We recognise the importance of the whole community to support growth and development. We seek through collaboration, to engage stakeholders from all areas of the community to achieve best outcomes for all.


We are enthusiastic and passionate about the role we have in the lives of our community; we work hard to support, enable and care for all.


The rights and best interests of our children, staff and families are considered and paramount in all our actions and decisions. Open, honest and respectful interactions guide our everyday practices.


We pursue excellence in all we do, we are continually striving to improve and better ourselves, whilst critically reflecting all that we do and all that we are. We continually engage in the process of critical reflection and challenging practices to better ourselves and the service we deliver.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple…. EVERY CHILD MATTERS!!
How do we carry out this philosophy?

Nurturing & Educating Children

Our family (educators and management) play an important role in developing trusting, secure and loving relationships by providing a warm, safe nurturing and harmonious environment that fosters the child’s self-confidence as well as develops social skills. We encourage positive interactions which promote inclusion and participation of all children. We recognise children’s agency and encourage them to initiate and lead their own learning journey by being respectful of each child’s unique qualities and abilities.

Respect for diversity

Within our curriculum, we value and reflect upon the practices, values and beliefs of our families and our educators use this to support and encourage each child irrespective of gender, race, religion, ethnic or social background; and understand that children are individuals and learn in at their own pace and in their own way. We acknowledge and value the traditions of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community members, and actively incorporate this into our practices.

Extension of our Family, Partnerships

We want to ensure all parts of our community feel part of a family, we are run by a family and value the role of the family in a child’s life and recognise that our staff, families and children are all part of the Child’s Play family. We encourage families to play an active part in their child’s care and discuss ways in which they can become involved as partners in their child’s lifelong learning. We recognise that families are a child’s first and most influential teachers. We welcome and support feedback from families, in ways to continually improve and critically reflect on practices and processes within the service.

Childs Play Difference

We recognise the need for specialised care of children that embraces every family’s individual needs and culture. Through inclusivity we endeavour to assimilate within the family to meet your needs and wants.

Rights and best interests of the child are paramount

We ensure that children have the right to be heard, to be free from violence, abuse and neglect, to have the opportunity to thrive, to be engaged in civics and citizenship and opportunities to take action and be accountable.