Settling In

Settling in at Child’s Play is tailored to meet the individual needs of each child and their family.

We have a flexible orientation program that is built around the confidence and comfort of you and your child.

Our Educators play an active role in gathering information from you and your family which assists us to get to know you and child quickly, which assists techniques and conversations that may need to be had with your child to gain their trust and help them settle.

We aim to ensure that all educators know your needs and work together as a team to provide routine and consistency of care for your child


We encourage you to spend time with your child to settle them in, and yourself get to know and trust our Educators. If your child can see that you have a trusting and positive relationship with his/her Educators then they will develop the bond along with you. We encourage you to phone us during the day to check on them and to help put your mind at ease that everything is going well.

Educators will also pass on numerous forms of communication about your child’s day for you to be able to visualise what they have been doing and to be able to use this information with the older children to initiate conversations. We will go over all the different forms of communication for families on your enrolment appointment.

Our goal is to make the transition between home and the centre as smooth as possible for your child. We value your feedback throughout this process.

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