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Child’s play early learning centres

Child’s Play is a family run business, ran by our family for your family! Our services are owned and operated by Samantha & Ian Johnson, we have 2 daughters: Millie and Alexa.  Sam and Ian have both worked in the education sector for over 20 years. They are dedicated and driven to deliver high quality developmental and educational early childhood care services. Their priority is to provide children with opportunity, care, life experience and a safe environment for them to grow and develop into individuals throughout their early years and to create a place where they feel loved, nurtured and safe. There service’s  aims to provide the highest quality care for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years of age; from the early years right through to Kindergarten 

Childs Play Early learning centres are a group of “exceeding” rated service, with the department of education.  Sam and Ian are very proud and value thier employees and understand that they are the most important assets, their love, loyalty and dedication and commitment to give the highest quality care is of the upmost importance to us.   Childs Play Early Learning Centres are purpose-built facilities, equipped with fantastic age appropriate indoor and outdoor equipment and learning resources with interesting and engaging play spaces.

Sam and Ian are very excited to provide the highest quality care to you child and deliver the message “Every Child Matters”, they invite you and your family to take a tour of one of our services, they have an open door policy and encourage you to pop along anytime to check ‘Child’s Play Early Learning’ out!

Our educators’ approach to teaching encompasses a variety of learning philosophies and will avoid being stuck in one method of delivery. All children are individuals and have different learning styles and are entitled to an individualised learning experience throughout their early years. As Early Childhood professionals it is our job to get you know you, your child and your family and deliver a holistic picture of your child’s journey through development and learning.

We will deliver an innovative and inspiring approach to Early Childhood education which values the child as strongcapable and resilient. Every child brings with them deep curiosity and potential and this innate curiosity drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it.

We value our families’ input at all times and have an open door policy when it comes to our service. Families are welcome to visit and be in our service at any time. We will also be connecting with the local community and creating strong connections for the children in their local area. We find this valuable for nurturing children’s mind growth and creating global awareness.

What our parents have to say

"Highly recommended childcare centre. My little girl absolutely loves to be there and I have hard time taking her home because she doesn't want to leave. Their playground area is big with lots of interesting things to do."

Jocelyn Jara Torquay

What our parents have to say

"Right from the moment you step through the bright open hallways of Child’s Play you feel instantly at home. The rooms are amazingly set up with so much for the children to do and allow their imaginations to run wild. My little miss was unsure about attending, but after her second orientation morning, I couldn’t get her to leave!"

Nat Louise Torquay

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About Child’s Play ELC

Child’s Play Early learning is a family owned business, Ian and Sam Johnson that have over 20 years experience in Education.  The Child’s Play brand has high expectations and the Tarneit service is rated “exceeding”.


1 Pintail Drive
Torquay VIC 3228
Phone: 03 5296 0105

Child’s Play Tarneit

642 Tarneit Road
Tarniet Vic 3029
Tel: 03 9748 2004