Our Childcare Philosophy

At Child’s Play, we value providing exceptional service to all of our families. Which is why our philosophy is simple:

Every Child Matters.

When Every Child Matters, nobody gets left behind or forgotten about. Every child in our centres is made to feel included, loved and provided for. Our educators go out of their way to make your child’s day with new activities, fun resources and out-the-box ideas.

How do we apply this philosophy?

Partnerships with our families: We are a group of family-run childcare centre’s so we value the role of the family in a child’s life. We recognise the support that parents and staff can provide to each other as active partners in the care and education of their child. At Child’s Play, we encourage our families to get involved with the activities in our centre’s and you can discuss with our educators how you can be involved in a helpful, meaningful way.  We also welcome and support feedback from families to help us continually improve and critically reflect on our practices and processes within the service.

Nurturing and educating children: Our educators, management and incursion staff play an important role in developing trusting and secure relationships with our children. We provide them with a warm and safe environment that fosters their self-confidence and develops their social skills.

A Home away from Home: We create spaces that are warm, welcoming and supportive, and allow the child to feel safe and secure in their learning environment.

Learning through enquiry and discovery: We recognise that children are embedded with a natural curiosity and we utilise that through play and incursions to help them learn new things and develop key skills.

Respect for individuality: We are a very multicultural service where we support and encourage each child irrespective of her or his gender, race, religion, ethnic or social background. We also respect and know that each child has an individualised way of learning and we encourage them to explore it.

Highest Talent:  We understand the value of a quality educator. Which is why we take the time to attract, retain and develop the best talent available. Our educators and staff are consummate professionals driven to be and do their best knowing the development of their knowledge and skills play an important role in the lives of the children they care for.

Sustainability:  We value our environments and promote sustainable practices within our centre. A respect for the environment influences the activities we plan for our children and the way we educate them on the world around them.

Community: We believe in and nurture strong links with the wider local community, supporting local businesses and initiatives. Working closely with schools, maternal health and the local council to ensure all aspects of the family are supported and recognised.

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