Child's Play ELC

Our Education

Early Learning Education

At Child’s Play Early Learning Centre we want to provide your child with the best start to education and prepare them for the future. We have the highest quality educators with many of them having a cert 3, diploma or Bachelors of Education whilst also being local to the community. Our educators take a holistic view to planning activities each day and have a deep understanding of what is needed to help children become independent thinkers and develop their skills.

Our Rooms

Engaging in reflective practices

To help with the set-up of each day, our educators will partake in reflective practices that critically determine children’s interest and how we can further engage our families in the topic. For us, childcare education is a combination of intentional teaching and spontaneous learning from everyday situations and challenges.

Our Process

  1. Observe
    During observation, it is all about gathering information about the children, their interests, current family situations, our educators and the community.
  2. Question
    After observation, we begin to question and analyse processes and what can be done to improve your child’s education, and extend on their learning and understanding.
  3. Plan
    Our educators will create plans to support children when they are at Child’s Play ELC. Our planning will facilitate routines, interactions, experiences and assist in short term and long term development of your child. We encourage parents and carers to input into this process
  4. Act
    It’s not just about setting up a plan but acting on it. When we develop a plan it’s about putting it into action and responding to the changes appropriately.  We plan experiences and play spaces to facilitate the learning of the children.
  5. Reflect
    Reflection is a critical part of our process. When reflecting we look at the changes in processes, how we have planned for them and how we have acted when implementing them. We then critically evaluate how our children and families have benefited from the planning cycle. Then we start the process again to continue to develop the child.

This approach to teaching provides us with invaluable insights into childcare education and allows us to continue to strive to support and enable the child and ensures best practice at our centres’ as we are also life-long learners, always reflecting and trying to learn and do more.

How we prepare your child for success

Every family at Child’s Play brings with them a diverse range of skills, experiences, and knowledge to our services. At Child’s Play, it is important to us that we give your child the best possible start to education. We do this by utilizing the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) set out by ACECQA. The EYLF allows us to develop a curriculum which allows children to actively construct their own knowledge and participate in activities in which further their development.

Each week our team prepares activities to fit different areas of development including:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Self Help
  • Spiritual
  • Creative

Our Curriculums

Kathy Walker “Learning Through Play”

Play is such a critical part to a child’s development. With this learning approach, our educators combine the theory of intentional teaching with exploration and play. You will see dramatic play e.g. Kitchens, vehicles and dramatic play experiences in the environments. When implemented it influences our children to think outside the box, problem solve and take safe risks. From this curriculum, we often see children are more motivated and excited to get involved and they are more engaged in their learning.

Reggio Emilia

For our pre-kinder and kinder rooms, we also implement the Reggio Emilia program as a way to encourage child-led learning and further develop their independent and self-help skills. Children are able to engage in their desired activities at various times e.g. puzzles, fine motor skills and gross motor skills both indoors and outdoors. The approach is designed to enhance a child’s understanding of the world and provide them with tools for greater success. Reggio Emilia has three key aspects:

  • Teachers are co-learners and collaborators
  • Your child is the protagonist of their own learning
  • The environment is the third teacher

Each of these aspects provides a pivotal role in developing the foundations of an inquisitive lifelong learner. We often see children take on the skills they acquired at Child’s Play and continue to use them within their activities in the community and at home.