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Our Education

Early Learning Education

At Child’s Play Early Learning Centre we want to provide your child with the best start to education and prepare them for the future. We have the highest quality educators who are local to the community.

Our educators take a holistic view to planning activities each day and have a deep understanding of what is needed to help children become independent thinkers and develop their skills.

Our Rooms

Teaching for us isn’t just a job—it’s a calling

Our educators are passionate about guiding children on their journey of discovery and growth. To show our commitment, we’ve developed a simple cycle of planning that outlines how we bring together the best of both worlds—Reggio Emilia and EYLF principles. It’s our way of ensuring every child gets the tailored learning experience they deserve.

Our Cycle of Planning

  1. Gather Data
    During observation, it is all about gathering information about the children, their interests, current family situations, our educators and the community.
  2. Teach with purpose
    After observation, we begin to question and analyse processes and what can be done to improve your child’s education, and extend on their learning and understanding.
  3. Plan & Engage
    Our educators will create plans to support children when they are at Child’s Play ELC. Our planning will facilitate routines, interactions, experiences and assist in short term and long term development of your child. We encourage parents and carers to input into this process
  4. Check progress together
    It’s not just about creating a plan but actively following through with it. We regularly review term achievements, update floor and project books, and track progress through weekly reflections and children’s expressive arts portfolios, adapting as needed to support their learning journey.
  5. Reflect & Grow interests 
    Reflection is a critical part of our process. When reflecting we look at the changes in processes, how we have planned for them and how we have acted when implementing them. We then critically evaluate how our children and families have benefited from the planning cycle. Then we start the process again to continue to develop the child.

This approach to teaching provides us with invaluable insights into childcare education and allows us to continue to strive to support and enable the child and ensures best practice at our centres’ as we are also life-long learners, always reflecting and trying to learn and do more.

7 key areas of our curriculum

At Child’s Play Early Learning, we’re on a mission driven by passion and dedication. We blend the key ideas from the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) with the powerful insights of the Reggio Emilia approach, pioneered by Loris Malaguzzi. In our nurturing environment, our teaching teams work tirelessly to create a curriculum that sparks curiosity and wonder in young minds.

Each fortnight our team prepares activities to fit different areas of our curriculum which includes these 7 areas:

  • Creative Arts (IAE) – Innovation, Artistry & Expressionism
  • Science & Technology (RDE) – Research, Discovery & Exploration
  • Child Led Routine (CLR) – Autonomy, Self – Reliance & Regimen
  • Foundations of Learning (FOL) – Literacy, Numeracy & School Readiness
  • Planning & Design (P&D) – Development, Construction & Architectural Innovation
  • Children Within Nature (CWN) – Flora & Fauna, Sustainable Practices & Renewable Resources
  • We Are The World (WATW) – Society, Diversity & First Nations Perspectives

Nurturing Confidence

The Power of Affirmations

Incorporating affirmations into our early years curriculum and play philosophy is about nurturing the whole child, not just building skills. Our 10 specially crafted affirmations, aligned with the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), support holistic development. By using these affirmations daily, we aim to boost self-esteem, confidence, and resilience, helping children develop essential skills for life’s challenges.

Reggio Emilia

At Child’s Play, we authentically incorporate the Reggio Emilia approach from birth to six years, fostering innovation, creativity, and sustainable practices. Our philosophy centres around the belief that children are capable, curious, and full of potential. We embrace their natural curiosity by providing a rich environment filled with natural materials like glass, wood, and metal, encouraging exploration and creativity.

Our innovative curriculum is designed to be flexible and responsive to each child’s interests and needs, promoting a deep engagement with learning. We believe in the power of documentation to reflect and extend children’s thinking, using it as a tool for continuous improvement.

Sustainability is a core value at Child’s Play; we integrate eco-friendly practices into daily routines and educational activities, teaching children the importance of caring for their environment.

At Child’s Play, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of creative, thoughtful, and responsible individuals.