Getting Started At Childcare

We want every family to feel like they are at home at Child’s Play.

Childcare is a big new adventure and we want you and your family to be as comfortable as possible. As parents ourselves, we know there’s going to be some tears on the first day, but we are here to reassure you and help you feel confident in our service. We can’t wait to meet our new families and get to know more about you.


What to expect?

At Child’s Play ELC, we have an extensive transition process to help families feel good about sending their children to childcare. Getting started with Child’s Play is not just beneficial for your child but for parents and educators as well. We have dedicated orientation sessions to help us get to know you and your family and to answer any questions you may have about starting childcare. We want to make sure every family feels valued and confident in sending their child to our centres.

Enrolling your child

After filling out the enrolment form, we will make contact with you directly to gather information and get to know you and your family. Our educators are actively a part of this process to ensure your needs are met and to assist your child settling into childcare. During our discussion we will ask questions about:

  • Your family set up
  • Things you and your child like to do together
  • Your child’s hobbies and interests
  • Your medical history
  • People who will be approved to pick up your child
  • Your child’s dietary requirements

Following our initial chat, we will also provide you with information to apply for childcare subsidies and book you in for at least two orientation sessions.


Our orientations are play-based and encourage your child to interact with our educators and the indoor and outdoor facilities. They are tailored to each family at a suitable time and generally last an hour. For parents, it’s a great time to ask questions, address concerns, discuss expectations and get to know our room leaders. As educators, it’s a great time for us to put names to faces and get a little bit more insight into your family dynamics so we can make sure childcare is like a second home. We want everyone to feel positive about this transition so we encourage parents to take as much time as needed to transition into childcare. We generally advise at least two orientation sessions to help your family feel comfortable and supported with our services.

What to pack for Day 1

We want you to feel prepared for day 1 so you have more time to comfort your child and settle them on the first day. We recommend having a special childcare bag that you picked out with your child to go to Child’s Play ELC every day. Be sure to include:

  • A change of clothes.
  • A special toy to soothe them if they get upset.
  • A coat and a beanie (if it is winter) or a legionnaire or summer hat (if it is summer).
  • A photograph of the family that can be kept at the centre.
  • Any special bottles or feeding equipment they prefer.

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