Getting Started At Childcare

Our aim is to make sure that your family has an enjoyable, relaxed and confident experience joining the Child’s Play family.

We know that introducing your child to new care givers, in a new environment can be an emotional time not only for the child, but also for the parents. There is definitely going to be some sadness, some teary goodbyes and times where you are doubting have you as parents made the right decision.

We are here to assist you with all these emotions, to make sure that you and your child has a confident relationship with our service and you all feel that you belong. We want you to be comfortable and want drop off and pick up times to be a valuable time with your child to connect and make our environment just an extension of your home.

Our educators are also excited to have new families join us and can’t wait to get to know more about your child, their interests, your family and your home so that they can incorporate the information into the room environment and learning program. We love sharing information about what you did on the weekend, what our parents do at work, do we have pets at home or do I have brothers and sisters?

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Child’s Play Early learning is a family owned business, Ian and Sam Johnson that have over 20 years experience in Education.  The Child’s Play brand has high expectations and the Tarneit service is rated “exceeding”.


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