play based childcare

Our Childcare Program

Early Years Learning

At Child’s Play Early Learning Centre, we provide a range of services for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years including 3 & 4-year-old kindergarten, half-day sessions and long day childcare. Our program encompasses our philosophy of Every Child Matters and is led by talented and highly valued educators.

Through play-based learning, our centres’ follow the Early Years Learning Framework to help every child meet and achieve developmental milestones (in line with maternal health) outlined by the five outcomes. Our program will help your child become a smart, confident, social individual through open-ended play-based experiences and real-world opportunities. Our educators observe and create programs in partnership with our families that not only interest the children but help them build knowledge of the world around them.

Our Learning Environment

In our centres, we have created learning environments that stimulate children to be creative and have fun. With supportive supervision, children are able to move fluidly between indoor and outdoor learning environments and choose what activities they participate in throughout the day.

Our Curriculum

At Child’s Play ELC we strive for success through high quality holistic, play-based approaches. For us, it is not only about developing motor skills and cognitive skills like walking and counting but providing a curriculum that creates emotionally secure and thoughtful people, that are ready for the challenges in the outside world and for that next step of going to school.

Our Rooms

Our rooms are divided by age and by development to assist in your child’s learning. In each room, you will find home-like furniture, plenty of stimulating toys and in some spaces, we have set up lifelike play structures for our families to enjoy. Our rooms are set up to support play-based learning so that the children can develop and be educated without realising.

Our Curriculums

Looking To Join Our Family?

Childcare is a big decision and we understand your need to do some research. Our transition to childcare strategy is tailored to each family to help ensure that we meet your needs.  We will work with families to assess the support and care needed throughout the process e.g. a number of orientations, dietary forms, interests,  languages spoken at home and routines and rituals of the child.