Building a Community

Child’s Play ELC Torquay, holds family and community input as a strong value within our centres philosophy.

This community input is not always initiated by the centre, but often by the wonderful families and community we have built so far.

Below is a list of the family involvement that Child’s Play has been actively involved in this week:

  • Supporting a family fun day at a community event;
  • Asking for contributions of any old telephones, mobiles or computer keypads to be used in pretend play;
  • Advertising a netball competition in our local community and asking our families to share this with others who might be interested;
  • A family brought in a tray of red & white cupcakes for the staff (to celebrate Canada Day) and a thank you card;
  • Information about immunisation changes for children under 18mths;
  • School tutoring post for families who have children enrolled at primary school;
  • Speech therapy information about a up-coming session being held at our local shire;
  • Inviting children and families to participate in our calendar of events for example: teddy bears picnic;
  • A post to be shared to advertise Early childhood Education & Care Awards to nominate a outstanding educator. Asking families to share with others in our community, as there are many amazing services in our country and this should be acknowledged;
  • Asking families to bring in a family photo which could be hung up on our family tree;
  • Information about an internet scam that appears like your MYGOV page.

As you can see attending care, is more than simply dropping your child and picking them up. It is about building a community connection between home, your family, your child and our service.