Family Fun Day at Wyndham Vale Child’s Play Centre

We’re proud to announce that our new Wyndham Vale centre it’s close to open! To celebrate, we’re hosting an event for the whole family. Come and enjoy a day packed full of activities, including a real-life fire truck presented by The Country Fire Authority, as well as Happy Feet Fitness and Movement, Twisty Potatoes food truck, a coffee van and much more. You’ll also get the chance to explore everything our brand new centre has to offer and meet our amazing staff team. It’s all happening on Saturday the 20th of April from 10am to 2pm!

If you’re planning to attend, please help us ensure it’s the best day ever by registering for the event. It’s totally free and only takes a second. Your registration helps us get everything ready for the big day:

The opening of this centre is an opportunity to serve the Wyndham Vale community by providing local families with the support and learning opportunities their kids deserve. Our fun-first, student-focussed approach to education has benefitted countless children across our centres, and Wyndham Vale will be no exception!

Why do kids love Child’s Play centres? 

It could be because of our core belief that every child matters. To us, this means we’re committed to supporting, educating and facilitating high-quality care for every child without prejudice. We do this by creating safe and secure environments that embrace diversity and support every child’s individual needs. 

It could also be because of our unique teaching style! All of our centres feature the Montessori style of teaching, a personalised approach to teaching that caters to a child’s individual learning styles, developmental stages, and interests. 

Unlike conventional schooling, which follows a fixed timetable, Montessori encourages children’s curiosity and eagerness to learn. Classrooms are tailored to meet each child’s needs, offering a variety of activities aimed at teaching different concepts.

Why do kids love Montessori learning?  

There are many reasons why kids respond so well to the way we teach. For starters, it inspires a love of learning. By allowing children to pursue their interests and follow their natural developmental path, Montessori instils a passion for learning into every child. This ensures that kids grow into confident, independent learners who trust their intuition and abilities. 

It also encourages what we call ‘active learning’. While traditional education takes a more passive approach, Montessori actively engages children in the learning process. Our hands-on lessons empower children to explore and discover new concepts themselves. 

And finally, it allows time for exploration and investigation. In our classrooms, the children dictate the pace of their learning. This allows them to delve deeply into the activities they enjoy, and get the most value from their experiences.

How are Child’s Play centres different? 

Our values, teaching style and top-notch facilities set us apart from many other kindergartens. But we approach a few other things differently, too – 

Partnering with families

As a group of family-run childcare centres, we value the role of the family in a child’s life and want to ensure our entire community feels a part of our family. We recognise the support that parents and staff can provide to each other as active partners in the care and education of their child and that families are a child’s first and most influential teachers. 

At Child’s Play, we encourage our families to get involved with the activities in our centres and discuss with our educators how you can be involved in a helpful, meaningful way. We also welcome and support feedback from families to help us continually improve and critically reflect on our practices and processes within the service.

More than learning

Our family (educators, management and incursion staff) play an important role in developing trusting, secure and loving relationships with our children. We provide them with a warm and safe environment that fosters their self-confidence and develops their social skills. We always encourage positive interactions that promote inclusion and recognise each child’s agency and unique abilities to lead their own learning journey and development.

Creating a home away from home

We create spaces that are warm, welcoming and supportive, and allow the child to feel safe and secure in their learning environment. 

How do you enrol at our centres? 

Our Enrolment Process was designed to make sure you know everything you need to know about our centres before making such a big decision –

Register your interest – Complete this short form and our team members will be in touch to book you in for a tour of your local centre. 

Book a Tour – Come in and see what we are all about, meet the educators, tour the rooms and play on the play equipment. 

Enrol – After your tour, we’ll begin the enrolment of your family and will schedule orientation! Depending on availability or wanted start date, this could mean joining our waitlist and receiving monthly updates about what the centre has been up to.

New beginnings 

If you’re ready to enrol your little one into a child’s play learning centre, or for more information, get in touch with a member of our team today. And don’t forget about all the fun and festivities happening at our brand new Wyndham Vale centre on Saturday the 20th of April from 10am to 2pm. See you there!