Best foot forward: How we’re helping shape the childcare standards in Australia

At Child’s Play, we’re putting our best foot forward in shaping child care standards. With centres already in Torquay, Tarneit, and Tarneit West, we have recently expanded to Wyndham Vale and Point Cook! As part of our expansion, we are scaling our outstanding childcare standards to help shape those across the whole of Australia. We’re driven by our vision to provide every child and family with an inclusive and engaging environment that they love coming to. Let’s take a look at the current state of childcare in Australia and what we are doing at the local level to make positive changes.

The current state of childcare in Australia

Childcare presents many challenges in Australia, which we believe creates opportunities. The current challenges can be categorised into the cost of childcare, access to childcare, parent’s eligibility for childcare subsidies and the working conditions for childhood educators. The Albanese Government has been working to develop an early years strategy to ensure Australian kids “have the best start at life in their critical early years of development”. 

Identifying areas for improvement in childcare standards

We know that there are many areas for improvement in Australian childcare. At Child’s Play, we know that we can help shape childcare standards in Australia with an early learning approach that has more emphasis on children’s development and well-being, as well as by creating work environments for our educators that are enjoyable and fulfilling. This includes professional development opportunities that enable our educators to give our children the best possible education and care so that they thrive. 

How we’re addressing the areas for improvement in childcare

From the ground up we’re addressing the areas for improvement at our childcare centres and influencing standards. Having this big-picture thinking and working towards national improvements helps us to see our end goal, even as we chip away at our day-to-day work. Big goals help us to follow through on our initiatives in the interest of our broader vision to provide every child and family with an inclusive and engaging environment. 

Access to childcare  

Our childcare facilities are located in Torquay, Tarneit, Tarneit West, Wyndham Vale and Point Cook. Through expanding our operations in Victoria, we’re working towards a big-picture goal of improving childcare and making childcare more accessible to more families. 

The cost of childcare

At Child’s Play ELC, we do our best to make our costs affordable for our families whilst not sacrificing the needed income to maintain our high-quality childcare standards. We’re a family-run business and this is at the heart of our operations. 

The working conditions for childhood educators 

We believe that childcare is a rewarding career. We offer pathways into the industry through traineeships at our childcare centres. We also offer employees professional development to expand their knowledge in the field and achieve best practices across our childcare centres. By creating industry pathways, training and establishing best practices we aim to set new standards and improve the working conditions for childhood educators. 

Implementing our childcare standards

Our standards are to support each child’s individual development and provide them with the tools to become kind, compassionate and resilient members of society. We implement these standards through our education process, curriculum and environments. We critically reflect on our practices and processes, which enables us to continuously learn, embrace new ideas and work collaboratively.

At Child’s Play, we have the highest quality educators who’ve undertaken a Certificate III or Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care or a Bachelor of Education. We believe that central to the implementation of our childcare standards are our educators, who have a deep understanding of what’s required to help children develop their skills and become independent thinkers.

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Shaping childcare standards

The current landscape of childcare in Australia presents various challenges, including accessibility, affordability, and working conditions. We’re not only identifying these areas for improvement, but are actively addressing them through our holistic approach. We think big about how to positively influence childcare standards across Australia from the ground up with our carefully crafted childcare standards, supported by our highly trained educators. 

We’re taking confident strides towards shaping childcare standards across Australia. With an expanding presence in Victoria, we grow our commitment to fostering an inclusive and engaging environment for every child and their family. We’re on our way to ensuring every child receives a nurturing foundation to flourish. Visit a Child’s Play early learning centre and experience our early learning for yourself. You can register your interest here.