Instilling our values

Wyndham Vale

At Child’s Play Early Learning Centre, we firmly embrace our responsibility to instil and nurture the core values that serve as the foundation of our educational approach.  Our curriculum was created from our beliefs in collaboration, passion, respect, and the pursuit of lifelong learning. We strive to implement these beliefs as values. We ensure that they’re instilled into our daily practice of creating a vibrant and enriching environment for children to flourish. These are our values and how we instil them in our childcare program. 

The Child’s Play values


Collaboration is not just a buzzword at Child’s Play Early Learning Centre; it’s deeply embedded in our childcare program. We understand that the collective efforts of families, educators, and the wider community are essential in providing the best possible environment for children to grow and thrive. We actively promote open communication, active partnerships, and shared responsibilities to create an inclusive and collaborative community where everyone’s voice is valued.

How collaboration is instilled in our program

Within our childcare program, collaboration takes various forms. We foster strong partnerships with families, recognising that they’re the primary caregivers and educators in a child’s life. We encourage parents to actively participate in their child’s learning journey by regularly sharing information, insights, and observations. By inviting families to contribute their knowledge and experiences, we create a more holistic understanding of each child’s unique needs and strengths. This collaboration ensures that our program aligns with the values, traditions, and goals of each family, providing a personalised and meaningful experience for every child.

Through collaboration, we generate collective solutions to challenges, identify opportunities for improvement, and share best practices. By working together, we create a strong support network that not only benefits children and families currently in our care but also contributes to the broader community. Collaborative efforts ensure that our childcare program remains responsive to evolving needs and reflects the diverse perspectives and values of our community.


Passion is the driving force behind everything we do at Child’s Play. Our educators are passionate about their roles as facilitators of learning and their enthusiasm is infectious. We strive to ignite a love for learning in each child by creating an environment that sparks curiosity, exploration, and joy. 

How passion is instilled in our program

Our passion for early childhood education drives us to continuously seek innovative teaching approaches and incorporate engaging activities. By creating meaningful experiences that ignite curiosity we nurture each child’s unique talents and interests. We’re passionate about empowering children to become lifelong learners, curious explorers, and confident individuals who are ready to embrace the challenges and wonders of the world.


Respect is a fundamental value that underpins all interactions within our learning community. We foster an atmosphere of mutual respect where every child, educator, and family member is valued and their rights and dignity are upheld. We prioritise creating a safe and inclusive space where diversity is celebrated. By modelling respectful behaviour and encouraging empathy and understanding, we lay the groundwork for children to develop positive relationships. Allowing children to embrace differences, and cultivate a deep sense of empathy and compassion.

Respect is instilled in our program

Respect is ingrained in our childrens programs. We prioritise creating a safe and inclusive space. We recognise that each child comes from a unique background with their own experiences, beliefs, and values. By embracing this diversity, we create an environment where children learn to appreciate and value differences, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual understanding.

Our educators model respectful behaviour and encourage empathy and understanding among children. They guide children in developing positive relationships by teaching them the importance of active listening, sharing, and collaborating. Through group discussions, cooperative activities, and problem-solving exercises, we help children understand the power of empathy and develop a deep sense of respect for others.


At Child’s Play, we’re all learners. We believe that learning is a lifelong journey for both children and adults. We foster a culture of continuous learning and professional growth among our educators, encouraging them to reflect critically on their practices and seek ongoing professional development opportunities. By modelling a love for learning, we inspire children to become lifelong learners too. We provide stimulating and age-appropriate experiences that challenge and engage children, encouraging them to think critically and develop a growth mindset that empowers them to overcome challenges and embrace new opportunities.

Our program instills life-long learning

Prefesional developnent is the goal of our dedicated educators. They engage in regular reflection and stay updated with the latest research and best practices in early childhood education. By continuously growing and learning themselves, our educators model the love for learning that inspires children. Within our childcare program, hands-on activities, open-ended play, and guided learning experiences create opportunities for children to problem-solve and develop their interests.

Applying Child’s Play values

We’re dedicated to instilling and fostering the values of collaboration, passion, respect, and lifelong learning. These values are interwoven into every aspect of our curriculum and daily practices. This creates an environment where children thrive intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Through collaboration, we build strong partnerships with families and the community. With passion, we ignite a love for learning in every child. Through respect, we nurture an inclusive and accepting environment. And with a commitment to lifelong learning, we empower children to become curious, resilient and engaged learners. Learn more about Child’s Play early learning today.