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Kindergarten in Point Cook - Child's Play ELC

At Child's Play ELC Kindergarten program, we're dedicated to providing high-quality kindergarten services in a warm, nurturing, and engaging environment.

Why Choose Child’s Play ELC Kindergarten in Point Cook?

Child’s Play ELC Point Cook offers an exceptional kindergarten program, renowned for its excellence in delivering a nurturing, vibrant, and interactive learning environment. Here, we prioritise innovative and engaging learning experiences for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years, crafting an environment that nurtures growth and discovery.

A Unique Learning Adventure
Our Point Cook kindergarten is more than a childcare centre; it’s a launchpad for life-long learning. Our educators, deeply passionate about early childhood development, create an enriching, supportive atmosphere that is tailored to the individual needs and curiosities of each child.

A Child-Centric Approach to Education
We take pride in our child-centric curriculum, allowing every child to become an active participant in their own educational journey. Our approach fosters independence, creativity, and a deep love for learning.

Key Features of Our Point Cook Kindergarten

Why Child’s Play ELC at Point Cook Stands Out?

Starting the Educational Journey with Confidence

Our Point Cook kindergarten is more than just a learning space – it’s where your child’s educational journey takes flight. Our team of educators is not only highly qualified but also deeply passionate about fostering young minds. In this supportive and enriched setting, we emphasise a child-centered approach, empowering each child to lead their learning adventure.

Uniqueness of Our Kindergarten Program

At Child’s Play ELC in Point Cook, we adhere to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), tailoring a curriculum that immerses children actively in their learning process. Our program encompasses a variety of activities that nurture physical, social, emotional, cognitive, language, self-help, spiritual, and creative aspects of child development.

A Peek into Our Kindergarten Program

To get an in-depth understanding of our approach at Point Cook, view our recorded Kindergarten Information Session. It offers valuable insights into our practices and philosophy. For further inquiries, we invite you to connect with us directly.

Dynamic Curriculum at Point Cook

Our Point Cook curriculum is an exciting journey of discovery and joy. Incorporating the Kathy Walker ‘Learning through Play’ philosophy, we merge structured teaching with the innate curiosity found in play. This approach enables children to develop creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, and confidence in taking calculated risks. Our pre-kinder and kinder rooms feature the Reggio Emilia approach, fostering an environment where children lead their educational journey, supported by our educators as co-learners and guides.

Kathy Walker – Embracing Playful Learning

Our educators at Point Cook skillfully blend structured teaching with playful exploration, fostering an environment where children can innovate, solve problems, and safely take risks.

Reggio Emilia – Child-Led Learning

In our pre-kinder and kinder rooms, we implement the Reggio Emilia philosophy, encouraging children to steer their learning, with our educators acting as facilitators and partners in this journey.

Join Our Point Cook Kindergarten Family

 Enrol your child in our Point Cook kindergarten and become part of a community that cherishes learning, inclusivity, and individual growth.

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Contact the Child’s Play ELC Point Cook team at 03 9749 4399 to arrange a visit, learn more about our program, or begin your child’s kindergarten journey with us.


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