Mothers Day Tea – Corio

In preparation for our Mother’s Day afternoon tea, children spent all week organizing gifts, artwork and the food itself for their family and friends. The children in nursery did some planting as gifts for their special people, as well as creating cards with photos inside. During the afternoon tea, children were able to engage with playdough the children made from scratch and had the opportunity to do some painting.

Children in toddler and pre-kinder painted pots and then planted their own handprints as well as herbs inside to take home as gifts. The toddler children made some chocolate truffles to eat for afternoon tea with their special people. Pre-kinder made scones from scratch to serve with cream and jam. They also made playdough to explore with their friends and family and had artwork for families to create with their children.

In the kinder room, the children spent much of the week decorating pot plants and a special note. The children worked on special paintings and some children worked on cards. The children enjoyed the a cooking experience where they made cookies and got to decorate them.

We had such a great afternoon tea with all our special guests. We had some mums, aunties and some nannas and grandmas come to play with the children. The families were thankful for their gifts and all left full of food. The children really enjoy spending time with their family members in the service.