Tarneit Kinder graduation 2018

As we approached the end of 2018, we also near the end of our time with our kindergarten children who will be taking the next step in their education journey and heading off to school.

We took the opportunity on December 14th to celebrate this growth and development with each child’s family and friends in a graduation ceremony.

The children spent the months and weeks in the lead up to this special event deciding on songs, learning the words and practicing them, along with their actions. They learnt about what graduating from kindergarten meant and why it was such a special event, particularly for their families.

The big night itself began with speeches from both Jennifer and Emma, explaining to the families how special their children are to us. Particularly being that some of this graduating class had been with us since the beginning of our centre, and we had seen them grow from tiny babies into little people with opinions of their own and grown into their own personalities.

The children then presented three songs to their families, including an ‘Taba Naba’– an Aboriginal Australian song, ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’ and ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’.

The children were then dressed in their caps and gowns and presented with their graduation certificate form their kindergarten teacher; Emma.

To close out the celebration Sam and Ian who were unfortunately away at the time of the graduation sent through a video message for the families to see, which was followed by the children performing their last two songs; ‘Thank You’ and ‘Dynamite’.

Through this performance, the children were more able to freestyle their dance moves and show off their own personalities.

Families were directed to a graduation themed photo booth, collecting the children’s gifts to their families as well as the graduation cake – which the children seemed most excited about.