What’s the difference between Sessional Kinder and Kinder at a child care centre?

Many parents consider both Kinder at a child care centre and Sessional Kinder for their little ones. There are benefits to both options, and which of the two is right for you will come down to several factors. So we’ve put this article together, to help you understand both options and learn more about how your child might benefit from the two different learning models. So, let’s jump straight in –

Kinder at a child care centre

Also known as ‘daycare’ and ‘early learning centres’, child care centres offer a full day service. Child care centres are open to children from as young as six weeks old to six years of age and feature their own curriculums of play-based and educational activities. The centres are usually open from 6am and close around 6:30, which many working parents find helps them manage their day-to-day responsibilities. Child care centres offer children activities throughout the day, along with several meals, snacks and free time to play as well. Let’s look at an overview of the key benefits of sending your little one to a child care centre –

Relationship building

When your child attends a childcare centre on a daily basis they begin forming friendships and positive relationships with their educators. This is crucial to their emotional and social growth, and will stand them in good stead to be an emotionally well-balanced child who is confident around other people in the future.

There is also a chance that your little one might begin friendships that last throughout their schooling career, which is always a wonderful part of growing up and having someone to share the schooling experience with. There’s also the chance that you as their parent or guardian may make friends with your little one’s friends, but of course, that’s just a nice little extra benefit.

Forming good habits

Routine is key for our little ones. They thrive on having a consistent schedule, as it becomes a foundation for them, and something they can rely on every day. Kids who have a routine are able to find confidence and freedom within that routine, in the knowledge that although they may choose a certain activity themselves, the rest of their day follows a predesigned structure that they know and trust.

A range of activities 

Attending a kindergarten every day gives your child a wide range of growth opportunities. Because most kindergartens create curriculums to include physical, mental and social activities, your child will benefit and grow across the entire spectrum.  

A balanced diet 

Because child care centres offer meals to children, parents and guardians can rest assured that their kids have a well-balanced diet. These meals are created by professionals who understand exactly what children need to fuel their brains and bodies for them to learn and grow their best, every day.

What is Sessional Kinder

The second learning option for parents is Sessional Kindergarten. This is perfect for parents who want to ease their little ones into a learning environment. Instead of a full day of child care, Sessional Kinder is a program designed to offer 3 and 4-year-old children classes or sessions where they can learn and grow. These sessions are made up of 3 to 5-hour blocks over 2 or 3 days per week. The 3.5 hour sessions may only equate to between 9 and 10 hours in total per week. 

In Sessional Kindergarten, kids usually bring their own food, and in some cases, their own learning material as well. Sessional Kindergarten isn’t bound by learning centres, in fact, many learning sessions take place at local governmental facilities, at churches and at independent schools. There are many positives to Sessional Kindergarten, let’s look at an overview of some of the key benefits –

Gradual introduction to schooling

Sessional Kindergarten is perfect for parents who are looking to introduce their kids to the learning world a little bit at a time. Many kids find kindergarten overwhelming, this approach means that children get all of the benefits of a learning session, with the comfort of knowing that they don’t have to be there the whole day. 

Focussed learning 

Teaching children in sessions has the benefit of focussed learning. In these sessions, kids understand that they may focus all of their attention and energy on a single session and the learning material within it. This focus allows them to soak up every bit of information. They may also retain it better, because there isn’t another activity afterwards that they need to shift their focus to. 


Sessional Kinder gives parents or guardians the opportunity to choose times that best suit their needs. And because these sessions happen in many different places, you can be sure that you’ll be able to find a learning space near to your home or wherever else is convenient. 

Focussed on learning and growing

There are many benefits to both types of learning. As always, the most important thing is finding the right one for your little one. Ask yourself which type they are most likely to thrive in, and what their learning style is – is it more focussed on a single task, or do they enjoy several activities where they can choose what to engage with. These answers will guide you towards the answer you are looking for. For more information around what’s best for your child, The Department of Education Victoria offers further insight to help you decide.

At Child’s Play, we believe that every child is different. So we’ve designed our learning programs and curriculums to suit everyone. As a leader in the early learning industry, you can be sure that when your little one attends any of our centres, they’ll be getting everything they need to learn and grow every day. Get in touch with us today and let’s chat about what’s best for your little one.