5 Reasons to Choose a Career in Childcare

Childcare is a rewarding career that you can start at any point in your life. Child educators are always in demand to ensure the next generation of children are prepared and successful. Each day, an early childhood educator is asked to be creative, resilient and resourceful to provide new experiences and opportunities for children to develop interests.

In 2021, there has never been a better time to join the childcare industry. Our industry provides people with opportunities to exceed expectations and continue to grow. Our streamlined development enables industry members to grow into leadership roles where they can take their original passion to new heights and challenges.

A little bit about Child’s Play ELC

Child’s Play ELC are family run and owned centres across Metro West and Regional Victoria, providing young children with a high-quality education from some of the best educators the state has to offer. Within our organisation, we have created a community where every educator feels like they can bring in new ideas to enhance and support our collaborative approach to learning and working as a team. Through this approach, we are able to further engage our children and find new ways for the community to be involved.

One of the ways we get the Torquay community involved is with our cooking program which invites educators and families to cook their favourite cultural foods with our children. This program has provided both our educators and our children with unique experiences such as making damper and trying German Apple Pie and Chicken Chow Mein. 

During COVID-19, our educators even adapted this program so families could share their favourite recipes on a message board and continue to introduce new foods to their children.

Child’s Play ELC are currently looking for more educators from a range of backgrounds. Here are five benefits for working in our centres.

1. Job Security

Childcare continues to be a growing industry because there is a greater demand for parents to return to the workforce. With over 90% employment post-study there are a range of pathways you can consider to enter childcare, including TAFE and university.

At Child’s Play ELC, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding care to all of our children. We provide some of the highest quality of education and as the demand for parents to return to work continues there is a greater demand for high-quality education. One of the ways that we ensure this is by going above and beyond the child to educator quota in every room. It allows children to feel safe, loved and supported and provides our educators with permanent shifts and job security as we continue to grow our centres.

2. Career Opportunities

While many educators start with a Certificate III in Childhood and Care, the childcare industry has a diverse range of roles that passionate people are able to fulfil each and every day. The qualifications you obtain through this pathway are renowned qualifications that allow you to work in a range of centres and provide outstanding care to young children.

To further your development in childcare, Child’s Play ELC provides educators with professional development opportunities and leadership roles such as room leader and supervisor. These developments have allowed our educators to create some fantastic programs and assist in our collaborative approach to providing excellent care.

3. Parent-friendly

If you have or are planning on having children, childcare is the most child-friendly industry. You can actually take your child to work with you and be paid for it! As most centres operate between the hours of 6.30 to 6 pm, there are various shifts and working days to choose from that can fit around your own family.

4. The Children and The Community

One of the greatest benefits of being a childcare educator is the difference you make in the children’s lives. Childcare is often a scary new experience for these children and the difference between children loving or disliking childcare can be the educators. We help shape children and assist them in reaching developmental milestones. The way we play, encourage and engage with them is crucial to them engaging with learning programs.

5. The team is always there for you

Being a childcare educator is not an autonomous job. You work with a range of different people to provide high-quality education to our generations. At Child’s Play ELC, we liken it to being a family where we create a peaceful and safe environment for everyone involved. Every educator is encouraged and supported in bringing new ideas to the centres. It is important to us that we provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable contributing.

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Working in childcare is a new adventure every day. If you are looking into working with children, please visit our careers page. We look forward to your application.